Head Sales – Leadership Hiring- FMCG- USD 3 BN Group

An Abridged Case History from MAGNA’s Portfolio of Successful Mandates by RMagnet , Contingent Recruitment Division of Magna Global HR. RMAGNET is a Division for Mid/Senior lateral hiring and offers value add like a Retained Search. Low dropout and high resume to selection ratios are the hallmarks of this service.

Magna Global HR Services Pvt Ltd certifies that it is the true abridged version of MAGNA’s Successful Mandate closed in February 2015 by Ketan Mhatre (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ketan-mhatre-3173615/) Consultant of RMagnet- MAGNA‘s Division for Mid/Senior lateral hiring. Identities are not disclosed to comply with our own Ethics & to honor Non-Disclosure commitments given to the individual & to our Client./p>
They were a manufacturing and trading group and this company was into manufacturing of FMCG Food Products.

The Mandate
Head Sales
To induct a Sales Professional for leading the Pan Indonesia Sales and Distribution for FMCG Food Category.

Search Criteria
To Search for a seasoned Sales and Distribution Professional with experience of handling General Trade Business for large region in India for FMCG Food Products.

Search Result  
Searched, Enticed, Evaluated, Recommended & Eventually placed an experienced professional with 25 plus years overall experience in and last 5 years at regional level handling multiple states in India for a large company.

Challenges and/or Constraints
This company had been a smaller player in the domestic market and had its own manufacturing set up. That created constraints in attracting talent as no of smaller and mid sized companies did not have own manufacturing and location of this post is not known for a developed pharma industry.

Mandate Successfully Closed on
February 2015

Roll of Gratification
We wish that association fostered through this Successful mandate proves to be durable to  deserve a high place in MAGNA’s “Roll of Gratification” (  List & ranking of the stability of all individuals placed by MAGNA).