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Factually speaking, some of the searches handled by us were really tough and were actually unsuccessfully attempted by others, before being mandated to us.  Tough Search comes in Handy ‘when others can’t’!
  • Specialization over the period has been, to search and convince, those hard to find & unwilling Executives for Senior / top level positions with salaries up to Rs 30 lac pa.
  • Customers appreciate, not just our search capabilities but also the strategies deployed by us to entice unwilling Executives.
  • Our proprietary search methodologies have proved it over and again that it works independent of the industry & function.
  • Our search motto is IF IT EXISTS, WE WILL FIND IT.
  • Our Fixed Fee pricing model, independent of salary offered to the selected candidate, makes us most cost effective against Variable Fees (based on percentage of Salary offered).
  • The most important factor is that it allows us to participate in the whole process in the most unbiased manner.

  • Upcoming/ fast growing SME/ Start up generally unable to find the good talent to execute their Business plans.
  • SMEs generally offer very fast growth but challenges are equally tough hence many professional hesitate
  • Tough Specialize in identifying such professional and convince them of the opportunity
  • Tough Search work very closely with SME Promoter to build that difference making Team
  • No of successful searches for SME in the past is the proof of capabilities

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