Career DICE – Career Diagnostic Introspection & Catalytic Evaluation

Word “DICE” in Marwah Career DICE is an acronym for ” Diagnostic Introspection & Catalytic Evaluation”. Career DICE is a unique Career Analysis Service that helps an individual to develop execute winning career strategies for higher yields within & outside one’s current organization not only during normal time but also during a crisis or in Cross Road situation .

  1.  Career Analysis : Play a Catalytic role to :

    Most of us. in our childhood have played the game of Snakes & Ladder. Remember, we used to roll Die first and then used to move our token forward by the number of squares indicated by the die roll by chance. While doing whosoever used to find the foot of Ladder on the landing square would rise to the top, and the one who use to hit the mouth of snake would tumble down, And it used to be fun.Have you ever realized that after entering your professional Career, you have been playing Snake & Ladder each day on your Professional Career Board? Advanced by Opportunity – the Ladders and tumbled by debacles or mishaps –The Snakes. The only difference that is no more die roll by luck or chance But you have to strive to detect the opportunity to go up the Career Ladder and take all precautions to avoid Career Debacle & Mishap Snakes

    Career Dice is one of its kind of services that catalytically assist, help, counsel, advice, or simply act as a sounding board to remove your dilemmas in considered career decision making. So that your Career flourishes better than others. Even in God forbid unexpected Career Crises, we advise & assist how to rebuild and rejuvenate your Career. And if it comes to actively looking for better opportunities, we protect your professional dignity and identity to safeguard your interest.

2. Diagnostic Introspection & Concurrence Career Advisory – Apart from being a motivator, play a Catalytic Role to develop Strategies & Action Plan for better realization and recognition of one’s career

i. Covering/protective  weaknesses,
ii. Exploiting /Selling Strengths,
iii.Remedial Actions,
iv. Don’t Do & Must Do Clarity?
v.  Selecting prospective   target Sectors/ Industry & companies

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Talent Promotion Services

Talent Promotion Services are new to the country, MAGNA is contemplating to launch a new range for services that would help an individual to promote to potential Employer, Magna will soon be launching these services