MAGNA’s Unique CSR Initiatives 

MAGNA has always taken its Corporate Social responsibility seriously and had been contributing to charitable and social services since many years. This year due to CORONA – 19 Pandemic, MAGNA decided to allocate funds much beyond its CSR capacity. It decided to not only to contribute to Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief fund and to Prime Minister Cares Fund but also fund few unique initiatives that would help impacted Recruiter fraternity and citizen of the Country.

It is a foregone conclusion that many will lose jobs due to economic slowdown or recessionary impact of the COVID 19. Most vulnerable would be lower end of educated youth without any specific specialised skills. Most of our frontline recruiters working in fragmented third party recruitment firms working on bulk and lower end hiring fall in this category. It is understood that many would lose their jobs of earnings and hence would need some income till they get employed.  MAGNA decided to use its CSR funds for the following activities:

  1. Start an online Recruitment Training Course .MAGNA has developed some training contents in the past and can spend more to develop more contents in collaboration with other qualified & learned professionals in the Industry.  Since MAGNA has an online Cloud platform, it has decided to lend the same for the practice and otherwise. The course would be offered free of cost for existing recruiters and others till the fund lasts.
  2. Projects for Interim Income: It is not possible to employ everyone at this stage. As such, MAGNA itself cannot absorb many. Hence to provide some relief MAGNA had conceived some Talent Research projects and will offload these Projects to those trained by MAGNA that will give not only some practical experience to new trainees but also some income too. Of course it would be fraction of full time salary but would give some financial respite and keep the person creatively busy.
  3. Placement of Trained Recruiter – MAGAN CSR would also try to place these recruiters for Full time /Part time / Work from home opportunities with other recruitment firms and Corporate as much as possible. This is however without any commitment.

 Recruiter Training

This would be 40 hour online training course conducted via Video classes and online. We will get some of the video contents developed in the due course that a person can watch and practice. One will require smart phone only and if one has access to a Laptop it is the best option. Initially MAGNA CSR will arrange beginner’s training but later it will cover the training for experienced ones as well. The course will have good amount of practical experience.

Those who wish to undertake this course may click this link for further information and registration

Why Executive Search & Recruitment as a Career

  • The recruitment industry is renowned for offering high earning potential and fast track career progression and as a result, career in recruitment is an attractive proposition for many highly success driven, ambitious graduates. It has widely been reported as being one the fastest growing industries globally.
  • Recruitment is a part of every business’ operations making it a highly valued. With the growth of economy and multi nationals spreading their operations globally, India is witnessing the great demand of search consultants in identifying and selecting high caliber talent for organizations at various levels and across the functions.
  • The role itself is incredibly challenging and you will be expected to develop highly profitable working relationships with candidates and clients often at a high level of seniority.
  • The career prospects are rewarding for successful consultants in the industry. As you progress you will gain exposure to people in roles of greater seniority, often in more interesting positions, working within complex organizations.
  • Most importantly, recruitment can be extremely financially rewarding
  • It is the only profession that allows you excellent balance in your personal life as well as your career, giving you the best of both worlds.

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