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A one and half decade old Executive Search company with a difference. MAGNA service corporate of Repute by Searching compatible Talent by searching , enticing , interviewing and screening to draw compatibility . MAGNA has a very high success rate and customer satisfaction rating . 80% of its customer are by referral . MAGNA has customer and search spread across in 3 continents in diversified industrial sector and functions. MAGNA Global is most automated Search Firm and its systems are powered by SURPaaS
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Case Studies

Repairing Eroded Brand Equity

A courier company, having lost its net worth in mid-nineties due to aborted airline project. While company was making cash operating profit, its previous debts used to drain its resources. Company also had a history of delayed payments. Most of the professionals were graduate as professionally qualified were not willing to join the industry and company. Its longtime partner an known MNC also deserted it. Magna provided end-to-end solutions for recruitment. In 30 days flat we recruited professionals from companies like Pepsi, Shaw Wallace. In fact it had its first IIM A graduate joining as VP Marketing. Camouflaged advert was used as a search tool. (Advert Cutting Attached) Chairman and Chief operating officer were used as Image Ambassador and confidence booster. Magna conducted entire exercise in a very precise manner in close coordination with HR Head.

Building Brand Equity

One of our customer though enjoys good reputation in real estate but limited to only Mumbai. They wanted to put up an IT /Software project. Due to no previous background in IT services, no established professional was willing to join despite of their commitment to put $ 3-5m as capital. Magna came in to picture. We understood that our client suffers from Brand Equity and established candidate would like to see their intentions and capability to invest. Entire exercise was specifically designed. 20 odd professionals identified across the globe. An ice breaking advertisement costing Rs 20 Lac was released (Cutting attached) and sent to previously identified Candidates. A quick follow up to find if they build up any interest in our client . client. This followed thought provoking calls to these individuals. Out of twenty seven developed interest .Five Shortlisted and three met our customer. CEO got selected from this shortlist. Advertisement was used to fill other positions . positions. CEO and others put in place in 45 days flat. A testimonial is also attached.

Total Camouflaging - Deeper Searches

A 15 billion US FMCG companies from lifestyle segment. Entering India for first time. Want to place its functional heads in Marketing, Exports, IT and sales and middle level managers in these functions. This company was a last entrant in its segment. The competition was well entrenched in India and equally a large corporation. Most of the professionals in from the competition were having reservation on the success. It was difficult to talk to large number without attracting attention. The executive search strategy was decided to compliment physical search with camouflaged the recruitment advertisements. The entire exercise was completed in one month to the satisfaction of the client.

Delivering within Short Notice

Understanding Customer Need and Delivering at short Notice -Large MNC.
A large instrumentation company from California was entering India for the First time and wanted to recruit a Country Head or General Manager. One of our existing customer introduced to us Mandate was selection to be over within 48 hours . When we met them, we found that they had tried some international Consultant known to them from US and but were not happy with the outcome and hence in a hurry. There was hardly a time for any strategy and search., my client gave me an impression that this was an interim position created to achieve the short-term goals. We searched a person, who had shifted from instrumentation to chemical and wanted to return to his field. Not only that this person had marketed my client‘s products in past and had even visited my client’s plants few years ago.

Going Beyond Mandate

An Indian upcoming group for whom we had done a turnkey recruitment assignment in the past wanted to take advantage of new economic liberalization of India . They wanted to set up a large international commodity-trading firm with global reach. When they approached us, they wanted to recruit a team of 10 odd professionals on war footing with a wage bill of Rs 2 Crore a year. My client was not alone and it was market trend that time many large business houses were venturing .However, as per our market information most of the commodity exporters at that time were having tight margins and all new comers were making losses. Our information was that all large houses was making heavy losses but putting brave front. We shared our information with our customer and suggested my client to space out the recruitment over a period of one year instead of one go. We advised them to start with two professionals immediately. Though it was beyond our mandate but after a few days’ deliberation Our My client agreed. It took them two years to achieve their recruitment targets. But they did not make any losses and were able to establish a strong organization while competition who expanded at the jet speed went down the drain and downed shutter with heavy losses.

Withdrawal of candidates on Bad Reference

This was one of the oldest client from West Africa and they were expanding their business in Ghana and were looking for an Indian Professional as Country Head. We shortlisted one of the professional who was in West Africa earlier and was with working with one of our other client. He came back to India to take part in his family business. However things did not work well in India hence was considering a return. We had known this person in the past as a customer and had known that he enjoyed good reputation with his previous employer in Africa. As expected this gentleman got selected without any problem and we were sure for him to have flying color references from his previous employer. But it happened to be very subdued. This made us thinking that everything is not okay. Despite of two repeated attempts his previous employer refused to open his mouth more than what was already told. We felt there is something amiss. We decided to check his entire career, right from the start.. This gentleman had spent his first 12 years in a major MNC in FMCG sector. After contacting about 14 people, who happened to be across the globe, we came to know that 14 years ago he was told to leave the company due to some integrity issue. Our client, new employer was so enamored with the person at that time that they wanted to ignore the reference check reports. We had to call and confront the gentleman and the appointment letter was withdrawn. Later on we found from his that he continued with his dishonest ways even later. Though no recruitment took place and we ended up spending almost a month with no gains. But we were nicely surprised when we found USD 10000 cheque towards our efforts to safe guard our client’s interest.

Election of the right candidate than the best

Value Customer’s Interest Above Magna’s Interest. One of our Clients who was setting a new Software development facility with a capital of USD 5 million. With our innovative strategies we were able to attract some of good professionals. For CEO positio, we had a Short list I a real seasoned player from industry costing USD 350,000/- and shortlist II was slightly lesser experienced costing USD 150,000/- . Our client liked the No.1 the most for obvious reasons was willing to make offer. At the time when we were about to finalize , One revelation dawned on us that software market was so down that it was practically impossible to give fast growth even if you have God in place as CEO. We struggled for three consecutive days to convince our Customer to select No.2 candidate instead of No.1. Our rationale behind this was simple that if market conditions are unlikely to allow fast growth then it is better to have slightly lesser experienced but more flexible and cheaper person as there is a time available to learn. Moreover second shortlist person was more flexible to look beyond software. Our client consented and salary cost came down from USD 350,000 to 150,000. Magna had to take a big hit in its Professional Fees but we did what was in our customer’s interest. A testimonial in this regard is the biggest achievement for us.