Work from Home – For Students/Freshers

Magna Global HR offers  Work from Home roles for a specified period for those operating from home and with/without the experience in Recruitment.

During this association, we will provide at our discretion, online material, or lectures for you to learn concepts, and tasks of recruitment. You will arrange your own laptop, mobile phone and internet connection. Your punctuality, performance, and commitment to complete the tasks assigned to you would be of utmost importance..

We will assign tasks to you and make Payment on Completion of Task (POCT) by you as per the rates and task process defined by us and published on our website from time to time and paid on a monthly basis. We give no assurance on the quantum of work assigned to you and no assurance on minimum income accrued to you. You are expected to put in at least 25 hours /week during the said period.

During this association, you will have access to information from clients and candidates; hence you agree to all the clauses of Non-Disclosure Assurances, confidentiality, and non compete agreement shared with you and published on our website.

Students who will complete the said activities as per the prescribed norms will receive a letter after the successful completion.

Magna Global HR Services Pvt Ltd