Chief Operating Officer –Leadership Role– Pharma Organization in Domestic Formulations and part of Large Industrial House– Local Search

An Abridged Case History from MAGNA’s Portfolio of Successful Mandates by RMagnet , Contingent Recruitment Division of Magna Global HR. RMAGNET is a Division for Mid/Senior lateral hiring and offers value add like a Retained Search. Low drop out and high resume to selection ratios are the hallmarks of this service. .

We wish that association fostered through this Successful mandate proves to be durable to deserve a high place in MAGNA’s “Roll of Gratification” ( Lists & ranks the stability of all individuals placed by MAGNA) This is MAGNA’s way to express its gratitude to both its clients and individuals placed .

Magna Global HR Services Pvt Ltd certifies that it is true abridged version of MAGNA’s Successful Mandate (Mandate Re: 9197/ 803868 ). Identities are not disclosed to comply with our own Ethics & to honour Non-Disclosure commitments given to the individual & to our Client.
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An Abridged Case History
Chief Operating Officer -Leadership Role