The Most Common Profession

Akbar’s Question:
One day Akbar resolved to find out which profession was the most Common Profession in his capital. He asked the
courtiers; some said trade, others said masonry, but the general consensus was on soldiering.

Birbal’s Answer:
When Birbal’s turn came, he arose from his seat, bowed before Akbar and said, “Your Majesty, in my opinion the most
popular profession is medicine.” This was surprising as one could count the number of physicians in the city. The court
physician was furious and said that Birbal had no clue about how difficult it was to train in this profession and advise
people on medical problems.

Birbal smiled and said, “I can prove my statement, Your Majesty, if you come with me tomorrow morning.”

Akbar agreed, and the next morning met Birbal on a major crossroad in the city.
Birbal had a bandage on one hand. Akbar looked at it and asked what the matter was. Birbal said, “I cut my hand while
chopping fruits for breakfast. Please, Your Majesty, you will have to write down the names of all the physicians we come

“I will do that Birbal, but be sure to wash that wound well and apply some ointment on it,” said Akbar.

I will, Your Majesty, but only after I have proven my statement,” said Birbal.

They sat at the busy crossroad all through the day. Birbal was a well-known personality, so everyone who passed by
asked Birbal about his injury and advised him about some medication or the other. As the day wore on, the list grew long
and by afternoon Akbar was tired of writing names, so he suggested they go home.
Birbal asked for the list and said, “My Lord, you forgot to write your own name at the top of the list. You were the first
one to advise me!”

Unlearning from story:
What is free or cheap or commonly available, need not be most suited. When it’s critical, there’s no alternative to Professional help.

Professional observation:
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But the experienced & competent recruitment consultants india / search Professional is worried how to find new ways to hunt good candidates for their clients. They (Professional Searcher) don’t talk of solution before knowing facts & understanding the constraints. Professional Searchers know that they are requisitioned only when in-house or common efforts do not yield results. Professional Searcher knows that in this fast paced world. Searcher’s competence lies not in learning but constantly unlearning .

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