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A one and half decade old Executive Search company with a difference. MAGNA service corporate of Repute by Searching compatible Talent by searching , enticing , interviewing and screening to draw compatibility . MAGNA has a very high success rate and customer satisfaction rating . 80% of its customer are by referral . MAGNA has customer and search spread across in 3 continents in diversified industrial sector and functions. MAGNA Global is most automated Search Firm and its systems are powered by SURPaaS
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Recruitment Process Associate (RPA)

Recruitment Process Associate is a special opportunities for those women who had taken a sabbatical or sacrificed their career to manage home and children. MAGNA GLOBAL salute such women in India and abroad and gives them a chance to earn decent imcome sitting out of their homes without travelling outside. Work so designed so that you can start any time and close at any time. One can choose time as one likes. It is intellectually very stimulating and yet stress free.

The offering to Recruitment Process Associate (RPA)

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  1. Access to cloud based SurpaaS Recruitment Platform with unique benefits – to access work
  2. Down load or work online from the comfort of home only
  3. No Travel outside
  4. Special Proprietary Methodologies and processes
  5. Highly Ethical Service culture
  6. Training and orientation
  7. Rewards and Awards through conferences and other promotional events

Profile of Recruitment Process Associate (RPA)

  1. Investment
    • 5000/- per annum
  2. Income
    • Depending upon load of work done Upto 10000/ – per month

Opportunities are available in following locations

No bar, any where in India. Later even outside India also

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to travel outside my home very often?
No, you do not have to travel at all. You will operate out of comfort of your house. There is no travel required except to our office in Thane occasionally or whenever we organize some seminars/ conferences or training programs.

Do I have to work for stipulated time or minimum hours from my home?
No, you are free to choose your timings and amount of time. You may complete your work as and when you wish during the daytime or late evening hours. However you should have overall 4-5 hours a day to spend any time between 9 AM to 10 PM ,. However from our point of view best time is 2 PM to 10 PM . Early morning hours are not so productive.
Do I have to sell your services / product?
No, you do not have to sell any Product and services. You will be only doing part of work which our people do in our office and now we are outsourcing to educated Ladies like you to increase our volume.
Am I supposed to find jobs for unemployed?
No . we are a Executive Search , recruitment consulting and Recruitment Process Outsourcing  company . We are paid by Our clients for the jobs done by us. . Your  assistance may  us in finding the right person for  our client organizations. We have no moral or commercial obligations to any individual to find any job for them. We do not make any such promises to anyone .  And you  are also not  supposed to make such commitment to any individual.
Will people call at my residence? Will candidates visit my residence?
Your number does not appear in any of our brochures /letter heads. It is your choice if you wish to give someone your residence number. No body is expected to visit your residence .Your role does not require physical meetings at all. If someone with whom you happen to speak , may happen to call you back on your number , you may softly tell the person that you are working remotely from home . And for further actions , you may connect our officers at our office.  Our communication to candidates also mentions the same. You may also inform respective officer by email as a part of your courtesy about a call to you from a candidate . We suggest you to use a separate  cell phone for this purpose.
Do I have to call overseas or long distance call?
Generally you will make only local calls. However these days, STD calls are equally cheap hence our pricing cover. We donot expect you to make any overseas calls unless specifically requested and arrangements made. We suggest you to use a cellphone and take a package which gives you maximum call advantage at lower rate. Almost 95% calls are made to cellphone hence a cellphone is the best option.
Is there any other recognition or reward for associates?
From time to time Magna may  announce performance appreciation events  wherein we will reward our performing associates for their efforts. . We intend to fully recognize the value of support of your family especially young children and spouses
Am I going to be a stand-alone entity or forming a part of your organization?
Legally, you will be a separate entity who has a business association with us. Functionally, you will be the part of our organization, working in tandem with us. You will be treated more important than our employees and valuable.
Will there be some activities, which will make me feel as the part of Magna?
Magna intends to organize some events, get together with candidates, clients and associates, which will keep you in touch with mainstream
It is seems that I will be making lot of phone calls, how much telephone bill should I expect?
As per our experience, on eight hour full time working basis, cost of local calls & internet  made by you for this business, should not be much. However there’s a provision of reimbursement of official phone expenses subject to certain conditions. 
What are my growth prospects as an associate?
If you do well, you may run full fledge business, you may given a role to manage other housewives. You may earn on their hard work. You can mature to be a full time recruiter with specialisation which much higher income including an opportunity to earn fixed income sometime. But that would require lot of hardworking , learning recruitment and above all your committment and delivering the results
After some time, in case, I decide to go for full time employment, will Magna consider me?
We do not like to make any commitment at this stage. But a performing associate may not find employment interesting because of the high-income potential, as associate and freedom to work at will. Yes you have a change
Will this training be of any use to me apart from Magna?
Shortage of quality manpower is reported everyday in newspaper. Companies, find difficult to recruit people. They need experienced recruiters to help them. Our training programs will definitely be useful in finding such job. In USA, an average recruiter makes between US 60000 to 100000 per annum. Some of the good recruiter carries the market price of US 200,000/-. In India, recruiter s is paid between Rs 150000/- to 15,00,000/-. Recruitment has become a specialist function and most HR professionals are fully trained. Moreover, most of them like to do more that just recruitment.
Is one phone sufficient or more phones are required?
Ideally you should have two phones, one for business call and other 0.for your personal use. We suggest cell phone for this activities. However, you may start with one phone. But your phone should have Call waiting, Call Holding and Call Diverting facilities. A simple android phone with headset earphone is more than sufficient
Is there any restrictions on me?
No restrictions, you are free to do whatever you feel like. However, you will require to sign following documents:
1. Non-compete agreement: Which will prohibit you to compete with Magna during the contract and one year after that
2. Non disclosure agreement: Whatever is disclosed to you will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed by you
3. Non- Hiring Contract: You will Hire or recruit Magna employees and customers. You will appreciate that these are essential for Magna to safeguard its interest.
What name will I be using when calling Candidates?
You will be using Magna name or name of our customer if required, outsiders will not know what is your relation with Magna.
How many Housewives will you recruit immediately?
This is a global program and numbers would be according to that.
What are the processes am I supposed to undertake for you ?
There are number of processes and you will be given training for all . All processes are done over telephone or internet . Some of the process are  :
1. Confirm Interest – To confirm interest of  a candidate for a said position in our client organization , by calling and reading the job descriptions
2. Arranging interview
3. Find names and designation of a person from his organization
4.Collating more information from a person  by calling that person
5. Searching online for a set of information
6. Conducting telephonic surveys
7. Conducting telephonic verification or reference checks etc.
I don’t have my home but in my relatives home near by can I use ?
No we prefer you to have own PC/ lap top  and internet and cell phone
What is type of income can one expect?
It all depends upon your hard work and type processes you undertake. Some processes pay more than others. However as a thum rule if you work 6-8 hrs a day for a month you can make Rs 8-10000/- per month .
How is my payment made ?
You will send a bill at the end of every month by mail , it is verified at our end then payment is released within 15 days of receipt of bill. Check is generally deposited in your account from Mumbai itself
Is there any documents required ?
Yes, following documents are required for your verification – A scanned copies are sufficient
1. Passport size photo
2. Passport / driving licence with photo
3. PAN CARD – Must
4. Education certificates
5.Tel/ electricity for place of residence .
Why are you charging Rs 5000/- as set and commitment fee ?
You will appreciate that amount is very low so obviously it is not our intention to make any money out of this.  You will appreciate that it cost money to train , orient and set up the account and facilities. We have seen many people stop working due to their family reasons or whatsoever hence it is important for us to recover a fraction of our cost . This also assures that you are serious about this opportunity and given enough thought before paying the fees.