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Top Level Recruitment Consultants

There are many who are not so lucky to get a job through their personal contacts or recruitment’s advertisements. Many try to send applications proactively to the companies in hope of getting a better job. Many resort to Employment Agencies or Placement Agencies or other intermediaries for help.

But few understand the difference between the agencies, their role and usefulness. This article will try to address this need.

Executive Search as Profession

Executive Search or Head Hunting Specialist as commonly known, is a new age Consulting profession that is gaining a wide acceptance. Today corporates pay a consultants in India anything between Rs.10 lac (USD 16K) to 2 cr (USD 330K) to search a right professional for their enterprise. Many time people asks me why would one pay so much for finding an employee when there’s so much unemployment around.

Answer is that unemployment is at lower level or at entry level due to skill mismatch or lack of  information.